The reason for this absence

I have a bad back at the moment. It came on about two weeks ago. It's not too bad so I am not going to spend a lot of time bemoaning my fate and I'm certainly not looking for sympathy.

As a result I have been limiting my time at the keyboard a little as just sitting upright to type is uncomfortable and I do have to maintain this position for my day job after all. I've cut down on my writing over the last two weeks so it can have a chance to recover and stayed away from blogging almost completely. I've tweeted a little but as I can do that from my phone while lying down it doesn't count.

So why am I blogging now you might ask. Well it's just so I can explain myself. I'd been a regular blogger and now nothing for quite some time. It's only right I make a kind of statement on it.

Golly, that last sentence made me sound very pretentious. I can assure I'm not; or at least not too much. My wife will probably disagree although she'd probably opt for the word pompous. She's probably right.

Anyway I should give you a brief update on the writing front.

I've had another offer to publish one of my stories - the weird novella the Intersection this time. Unfortunately, as with the previous offer on Mr Stinky, it was with a small press American publisher. Now this on the face of it is not a bad thing. And the company I am sure would have done an admirable job of it. The problem is it would not have earned me much money; certainly not enough to cover the cost of processing the US tax stuff. I might not be in this to make a fortune but I do not want to lose money being published.

Aside from that I have had another batch of rejections - five I think since my last blogging. It's probably going to diminish in number as I've not submitted all that much recently (see above about the bad back). Mind you that is likely to change soonish.

My YA Supernatural story the Stairs Lead Down is approaching its end game. It's up to 65.5K and is targeted at around 80K. The next chapter will start the final battle of good vs evil and all that. Hoping to have it finished by month's end. Once it's revised a couple of times I'll send out some submissions and then the rejections can come flooding in again - yippee

Anyway, enough of blogging; it's time to write some more.

More later


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