Modern TV - a worry

I occasionally catch bits of TV shows my in-laws watch. One such was Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Now this is in many ways a good reality TV show - mainly for Ramsey. And this is not for his shock value. Yes he may swear a lot. Hell, so do I (and yes I am being tame here). But the man really knows what he is on about and I like that. I find intelligence and knowledge unbeatable - my heroes are scientists, Einstein, Galileo, Newton, Brahe, etc etc - and above all else Isaac Asimov - I know mainly a sf writer but he was a professor of biochemistry, earned not honorary.

Ramsey knows his stuff. He is a great, great chef - yes. But he is also a good businessman and can walk into a failing restaurant and spot why it's failing and how it can be saved. Impressive stuff.

But the format of the show worries me. In a one hour show surely I do not need constant reminders of what's still to come, or recaps of events after just six minutes. Masterchef does the same - one of the few cookery shows I like. And I've seen it in many other shows.

Do they think I am incapable of remembering what I've just watched? Or are they that scared I will switch over to another channel during the adverts?

It annoys me, and often does make me switch over - in the slight hope of finding a program that doesn't treat me like a skittish four year old.


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