Annoyance and a quandry

Someone read this blog. That in itself made me happy. The comment the guy posted did not unfortunately. Not his fault, his post was perfectly fine. It's just what the comment told me.

I've written a number of tales, and have a couple more part done, featured an eight-foot tall blood-red, horned demon called Jyfyskrunifordkanifdraugbast, or Jeff for short.

It's a fondness I have for giving supernatural beings mundane names. Go figure.

Problem is the comment the guy posted mention a film being made called "Jeff the Demon". Ok, first thought - bugger!

Second thought is that this is a problem. I created my Jeff in 2007 as an idea for a really naff demon who developed a taste for the silly side of life. It actually came from the fancy dress costumes I saw at cricket matches.

Last year I started writing stories featuring him and in the last few weeks, more than a year after I wrote those initial stories, I sold a couple of them - one to Everyday Weirdness and one to House of Horror.

It made me happy. I like the tales. They're fun to write and I rather liked the idea of writing a lot more. I've added a group of friends, equally mundanely names - Alan the Ghost, Pete the Zombie, Bernie the Werewolf and so on. Pete's even had his own spin-off story.

And now I find out someone else also decided on the name Jeff for their demon. And it's in a bloody movie. Darn!

Leaves me with a quandry. Should I carry on writing these tales? After all from having read the blurb for the film this evening the two concepts are vastly different, even though they are both comedies.

I just don't know. It's frustrating.



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