Ho hum. Friday night, wife abroad on a business trip until next weekend. Sounded like a good time to put on another horror movie.

I picked Warwolves.

In just about every way imaginable this is a 1980s straight-to-video B-Movie horror. Plot, direction, effects and even cast.

Main names on the box are John Saxon, Tim Thomerson (from Trancers, one of my favourite 80s B-Movie SF flicks) and Adrienne Barbeau (Escape from New York).

It has a whole bunch of younger types in it too - including many attractive young women who's role is pure titillation - even though they are the bad guys (girls?). But to be honest I don't recognise any of them.

I liked 80s B-Movie, straight-to-video stuff. And so a large part of me rather likes this. The acting is hammy, the story fairly predictable, some of the scenes almost cringeable.

But it also stars an actor I have always liked - Art LaFleur. He's not a name many will recognise but I can almost 100% guarantee you will have seen him in something. If, like me, you like sf/horror TV stuff it's most likely from Angel - he played the T'ish Magev.

He's only in a small part but he was good every second he was on the screen. And he grabbed a cricket bat to fight werewolves. I didn't even know Americans would recognise a cricket bat.


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