Underworld: Evolution

Okay, okay - you're going to tell me I'm behind the times again. And once again you'd be right if you did so. I do occasionally let films get passed me, so that I end up watching them months or, as in this case, years after they came out. Hey get over it, I did.

Anyway - the film. Would you believe I actually read the novelisation of this film when the film had yet to be released. And before you wonder why I would read a novelisation, well it was a review book I'd been sent and I got paid for the review. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I do remember it wasn't a bad read. Quick and fun but throwaway.

Anyway I digress the movie. As I expected pretty much. High on action, really good if a little far fetched effects and a paper thin plot. Well, what else do you want from a film like this?

And to the absolute highlight of the movie. Kate Beckinsale in a vinyl catsuit. Oh yes, remember I am male. I do notice these things. And even if she is a little short for my usual taste (she's 5' 7" tall, I looked her up) it's still a plesant site seeing her in that catsuit.

I guess a number of people might think I am being a little picky about her "only" being 5' 7" but why shouldn't I? I'm more than a foot taller than she is and I like tall women. My wife is 6' 3" tall so I know they exist.

Anyway, the film's a laugh. Nothing serious just good fun. The gore's pretty silly, the action almost superheroically ridiculous. Just what I wanted on a Sunday evening.


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