Being philosophical

Last weekend I got food poisoning. Or maybe I have a new as yet unidentified allergy. I am allergic to bananas, fennel and alcohol amongst other things so it wouldn't surprise me to learn of another one.

All I know is I had a very pleasant meal last Sunday, three course plus mince pies, and by the evening I was starting to feel a bit dodgy. Middle of the night this turned into pretty serious discomfort. And essentially I couldn't do anything at all until Tuesday apart from things my body told me I had to do - URGENTLY!

Tuesday I managed to get out of bed - by about mid morning. Stumbled downstairs lay of the sofa and watched the end of the day's play from the second test India vs Sri Lanka (cricket in case you don't know) then discovered how bad daytime TV is (by looking through the listings not watching it - I wasn't that sick) and whiled away the afternoon playing some old videos and hoping to feel better.

Wednesday arrives I decide I want to go back to work - although probably was one day too soon. Still hadn't really eaten much but I don't like being ill so was going to work. It lifted my spirits although left me feeling totally drained. Even managed some crackers for lunch and a sandwich in the evening.

Today more improvement and I'm sure it will continue.

Right - that's the background over. Now to the point of this. I'm not after sympathy. I don't deserve it or want it. I'm not playing the "woe is me" card. We're all human, all prone to getting ill.

Getting to the point. When I get illnesses like this I thank...

...ok, what can I thank? The heavens? No. Ok - leave that aside. I'm just getting distracted anyway.

What I do is I count myself lucky that's all I have. A friend of mine suffers from Crohn's Disease. It affects generally the same areas of his system as my recent allergy attack / food poisoning / whatever did. But it's permanent. Mine is not.

So I am fortunate. I am not going to moan. It would not be right. I do hope my friend fortunes improve soon though.

...And no I'm not moralising


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