Another Rejection

My short story "Chicken" has been rejected by Andromeda Spaceways. For a story that's less then two weeks since written that's three rejections now.

Guess my recent form might be telling me something.

I thought when I managed to get a handful of acceptances in pretty short order that I'd discovered how to do this. I was wrong I must admit.

It's getting quite disheartening. For all the work it is to find places to send in stories just to get rejections I'm not overly sure I want to continue. I don't do this writing thing for the money. Okay I will not send my work into markets that don't pay but that's more pride than anything else. Okay the money is nice I guess. It means I can buy some more books but it's not going to change my world.

But is it really worth it? It means I end up spending a good deal of my free time away from my family on this dread machine trying to make stories work and then longer still trying to find markets to send them in.

Part of the issue is, from my personal POV I think my more recent tales are a considerable improvement over the ones that I wrote a year ago - the ones that sold. One of my favourites, "A Day Like Any Other", has been rejected seven times. I don't think I want to read another rejection for it. It's with Futurismic now, according to their site I have another five weeks to wait until I'm likely to get a decision.

That may be the deciding vote. Of course, by then I may have had three or four acceptances - I do have other submissions out there - and I might not care as much.

But right now I'm feeling I just want to go back to being a reader. I like reading. This writing lark takes up far too much of my time. Time I could spend reading.


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