I watched a rather darkly comedic thriller last night called Stuck. For once it was a film I could watch with the family - normally I head off to my office and stick a horror movie on whilst they watch a western, or a musical, or a police procedural TV show or something about cookery, or a game show, or something else I don't watch. It works for us...

Anyway Stuck is a wonderfully dark movie starring Stephen Rea as a downtrodden man, rendered useless by the recession. He's lost his job. He's just been thrown out of his apartment and the world basically doesn't want him.

During his first night on the streets he is hit by a car, becoming lodged in the windscreen. But instead of immediately rushing him to the local ER the woman driving the car, played by Mena Suvari, drives home and hides him in her garage. She and her boyfriend then try to figure out what to do with him.

This is a great movie, although perhaps not one for the squeamish out there. I've seen horror movies with less gore than this.

Stephen Rea is as wonderful as ever. He's one of the best character actors I can think of. Suvari is excellent as the ditzy care nurse scared of wrecking her future by admitting what she'd done. Pretty much everything about this film is done well.

As long as you have a strong stomach I recommend this to you. Enjoy!


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