I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer

This is a first for me - a horror film about cricket. Needless to say it's not the most serious film out there.

It's a non-supernatural horror tale - a revenge story in which a "slightly" deranged man is seeking out the members of his school cricket team who made his life hell when he was a teenager.

There are some truly silly death scenes in this movie - all involving cricket stumps - and a pitifully thin plot. This is real B-Movie territory. It has bad acting (although not deterimentally so), awful effects and just general badness oozing out of every pore. In other words I loved it. I like bad movies and this was seriously bad.

There's even a totally gratuitous shower scene. Essentially the whole film just goes on hold for a few minutes so the camera can concentrate on every single square inch of one woman's skin - and I mean every inch. The cameraman really takes his time to make certain he doesn't miss anything - even returning to certain areas repeatedly just to be sure. I remember 1980s B-Movies had this kind of scene. And time hasn't made it any more relevant to its parent film than it was then.

Mind you, being male I'm not likely to complain.

Seriously though, I couldn't find a single reason to recommend anyone in their right mind would ever want to watch this film. But seriousness is seriously overrated. This is a definite contender for the kind of evening that involves a group of friends, copious alcohol and much piss-taking over the films viewed.

(And yes I realise that anyone who knows me might think a couple of those statements above might not fit my lifestyle - as a semi-antisocial teetotaller.)

Still the film would fit such an evening...


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