What the Hell's going on in Copenhagen?

I've been watching the Copenhagen Conference with interest over the last two weeks and all I've seen is childishness and ridiculous posturing. We have a real problem in the world. Pretty much everyone knows that.

As a species we lice on just one planet and we seem keen on destroying its ability to support us.

We need to cooperate to save our home. We need to have politicians who will step up and play their part.

There's still time I guess but I feel despair growing within me. Are they going to do anything real at this gathering? Or are they just going to squabble?

We in developed countries need to do more. We need to help the developing mations do more. It's that simple. Else we may have to accept large parts of our planet will become very inhospitable and many millions will die.

There's still time. Fingers crossed.


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