What a week the world has had.

Well, whilst I've been through my own personal change - the world has also been having a weird old time.

Just when we have ten used to one pretty worrying thing, another comes along to rattle us a little further.

Musharraf has resigned in Pakistan. Okay he came to power in a coup and overthrew a democratic government but Pakistan has been pretty stable these last few . Given its location in the world - bordering Afghanistan one side and India on the other - this is one country we all want to remain stable. Two suicide bombings in Wah haven't helped the government's cause there.

The world economy is spiralling downwards, energy prices high, food prices high, credit crunches etc etc - scary times.

Russia and Georgia fighting over South Ossetia and Abkhazia. A plane crash in Madrid. Safari deaths in Africa, insurgents fighting in Somali, bombings in Algiers, etc

The world seems to be going to hell.

However I found some bits of news to make me smile (apart from GB/NI winning 19 Golds at the Beijing Olympics) and I thought I should share.

The Air Guitar World Championships took place in Oulu, Finland - go find a link to it on the web, it's hilarious.
A dog in Argentina saved an abandoned baby by putting him alongside her own puppies
A mayor in Australia, of mining town Mount Isa, called for "beauty-disadvantaged women" to move to his town as his town has a very high male population. Only in Australia...
Classic Children's TV show The Banana Splits is being remade - okay not so much a good news story as they usually make an absolute pig's ear of these things, but it made me smile to remember the inanity of the show
Claims or "proof" of the existance of bigfoot have proven to be a rubber gorilla suit encased in a block of ice...

Proves to me there is a funny side to this otherwise shitty world...


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