More music, more music, more music, Part 3

Okay, moving on.

Choice nine is an album that has been in the 6-CD rack in my car for the past four years - Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run. It's title track aside (stunning though it is) the album is just packed with wonderful, wonderful songs. The opening track Thunder Road is one of my favourite songs - although I do believe I never mentioned it when listing favourite songs - and includes one of the greatest lyrics I've ever heard in "You ain't a beauty, but hey you're alright" - Bruce certainly knows how to woo the women.

Each of the tracks on this album is a classic. They'd be stand out tracks on most other artists albums .Thunder Road, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Night, Backstreets, Born to Run, She's the One, Meeting across the River and Jungeland. They are all truly great.

I have to admit I love Springsteen's music (no sorry, most of Springsteen's music - The ghost of Tom Joad went a little too country for me, and the Seeger Sessions stuff I found difficult to connect to) so one of his albums had to be included. Born in the USA was a contender, as for me is his debut Greetings from Asbury Park but born to Run is head and shoulders above these for me. It's his best set - even if it doesn't include Candy's Room.

And onto the last choice - oh God what am I going to leave out. Could I have a top twelve, a top fifteen, twenty-three or maybe eighty-seven? No, I must keep this list down.

So that means no Pink (I simply couldn't find one album, even Dark side of the Moon didn't quite get there), no Genesis (although I love The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Selling England by the Pound), no Tom Waits (one of my favourite solo artists), no Suzanne Vega, no Rolling Stones, no Beatles (might shock a few people I know), no Led Zeppelin (sacrilege I know), no Iron Maiden, no Guns and Roses (Appetite for Destruction being the one album I REALLY, REALLY want to make this a top eleven for), no Van Morrison, no Black Sabbath or Ozzy, no Deep Purple, no ELP, no...I could go on.

The last choice is AC/DC with Back in Black. Until my wife bought me a copy of this album on CD I had worn my way through three or four vinyl copies of this album. From the opening bell chimes through to the last guitar chord I find this an absolute masterpiece. I love Back in Black (the title track), You Shook Me All Night Long, Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, Shoot To Thrill - heck all of them.

There is such a power on this album, it is simply incredible. Now I think I must go off an listen to it.


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