Writing Rethink

About a year and a half back I decided to start writing. I'd been a reader for many, many years and wanted to give it a go. I started in easy, writing reviews for various magazines, then added articles. Went well at first. I sold most of what I submitted.

But I wanted more. I have been a fanatical reader of science fiction and horror. So like most people in that position I wanted to write it. So I have tried. I have written about 20 stories - mostly horror, mostly what I would consider comedic. Seems I'm alone though.

I have submitted these tales to various magazines and websites out there and have the grand total of NO SALES. Bugger!

Well okay maybe I am not being totally honest here. I have sold one drabble (100 word short story). Wasn't connected to these though. I write an article on Jack the Ripper a little while back and had an idea for a twisted little meander. So I scrawled it down, sent it off and, much to my surprise, they took it.

So that was nice - a good warm feeling. And $25 to the good, not bad for 100 words. So I have spent most of the time I have been writing over the last few weeks (months really) writing fiction. And every single submission has received the same kind of response. All negative of course and, when feedback given, all saying something like "While we definitely enjoyed some..." but ending in a 'we are not going to use it' type statement.

I've heard people say the two things writers need are thick skin and determination. And I suppose a hunger. I might not have enough of these. Do I have a thick skin, well not really. I need positive reinforcement. I have a need to be successful. And I will admit to having a tendency to give up on things I do not instantly do well at. (I have catalogued this before, and recently for that.)

So I am going to give the writing thing a bit of a redirect. I am going to concentrate on articles and reviews again. It will not make me famous, but I'm not after fame. But it will give me satisfaction. And I guess that is what I want.

Wish me luck.


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