Trying to relax - not successfully though...

I started this day on this blog...

I decided to get back into the typing thing by blogging. I've not been all that much in the write frame of mind of late. Work pressures got to me. I admit it.

I left my old job a week ago. The last few week's were fraught - after nine years it really became a wrench to the system. That and the last week I have been concerned about making a good impression at my new employers - hopefully not too obviously whilst I am actually there though. The evenings and this long weekend being the fraught time.

So I have not been the most relaxed when trying to scrawl. I've been working on a short story - featuring demons and ghosts, zombies and werewolves. After a little over a week it is not half finished, and only about 800 words long. I've tried an article - got a great idea for a piece for Raving Dove, hoping lightning can strike twice - and I've tried reviews. Nothing doing.

So I've watched an episode or two (Torchwood and Pushing Daisies) and popped back and forward to the book I'm reading for a chapter here and there to get away from the screen.

I've listened to some music - Suzanne Vega and Nick Cave mainly although I have popped on some other tracks amongst them. Might try some Tom Waits in a little while - that usually relaxes me.

So I thought I'd type in some book thoughts - I've read a few over the last week or so - so here goes.

Current choice is Mike Resnick's Stalking the Vampire. Not Resnick best by any means - I am much more a fan of his straight sf over this comedic dark fantasy.

Before that I was reading Thomas M. Disch's The Word of God. Now if ever a book was written that is going to offend people then this is it. It's an odd book - bit of a mix of many things, memoirs, commentary, diatribe, retrospective, spiritual how-to guide and many other things. Mostly it's compelling, but I realise that not many people won't agree with me.

Another one read was Askin Ozcan's The Second Venice. Yes I know it's a book about Venice - big shock I bought it. But this is a weird one, bit of a satire, edging on sf although only edging. Basically to cope with the demands of tourism they build a second Venice, next to the real one - but a much more accessible one.

Have lots more on the plate. Need to get back to horror soon, have to get some reviews out there.


askin said…

A book review:

The book is selling very well on architectural sites, among the books of important architects.

It was No.1 last year, in ITALY MAGAZINE (U.K.) among top rated books, surpassing the Roman classic Juvenal's "Satires". Many fine reviews in Italy, U.S.A., Turkey, elsewhere.

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