One of those books

Every now and again a book clicks. It hits me at just the right moment. Often these are books I wold consider amongst the best ever written (Clifford Simak's City, Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, Ward Moore's Bring the Jubliee, Frnak Herbert's Dune etc etc etc). But as often it's just because the book is the right one for the frame of mind I find myself in.

This is where I am now. Although I would say the book is superb, there is more of the right timing about it than it being in the list of ultimates.

Anyway, enough procrastinating, the book in question is Kevin J. Anderson's The Ashes of Worlds.

This series started six years ago with Hidden Empire and right from the get-go I was completely and utterly hooked. It's odd in one respect. My normal tastes are for single volume short novels or preferably novellas. (And yes I realise Frank Herbert's Dune is not particularly short at 600+ pages and Asimov's Foundation Trilogy is, well, a trilogy.)

But Anderson's series just got me. It is epic in scale beyond anything I have ever read (even including Dune and Foundation). There are at least eight different races all in various states of war with each other (and often themselves) all at the same time. And action takes place all over the galaxy. It's difficult to sum up (which I will prove when I try to review this seventh and final volume).

But it is superb. And I will miss it when there are no more tales in the series left (in about 200 pages).


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