What's the point of blogs?

They're odd things. I guess a lot of people just use them like diaries, or maybe to keep family members up to date with events and the like. Some people use them to put forward outlandish thoughts - conspiracy theorists and the like.

(As a side thought I never overly get conspiracies. Not that I don't believe that conspiracies never happen, just the at the popular ones seem unbelievable to me - Marilyn Monroe, President Kennedy, Diana, Princess of Wales, the "fake" moon landings and Roswell. I just can't fathom them. There are times when the obvious reason to me is the right one. Just because you don't like the official version of things don't mean they are wrong. I digess anyway - back to blogs.)

Others use blogs to highlight their point of view. And they are becoming increasingly listened to.

I mean the US political parties are allowing some bloggers access to their candidates during this election campaign. This new media is becoming very important.

So should I do something like this with mine? Should I use it as a platform. I have beliefs -and no I am not talking religious beliefs here, I think I will keep this kind of belief out of this post and this blog (at least for now). I have political views and principals. I vote. I listen to the politicians. I have things and ideas that are important to me. I've even mentioned some of them on this blog - packaging comes to mind.

But is this my intention here? Well no, not really. I guess I might from time to time rant and rave about some things that seem important. I've been a bit of a greenie for years - I've recycled since long before it became trendy (not looking for kudos points here, just explaining who I am). I don't like buying food that has racked up large numbers of miles before finding its way into my shopping trolley. I am a vegetarian. I am teetotal. I am a dedicated reader and would like to see more people read but I am not going to try to force my views on anyone.

I am also as contradictory as anyone else. I find my environmental bias doesn't prevent my holidaying in Italy (and yes I fly there). It does give me feelings of guilt but I love Italy so much and it relaxes me so greatly this wins over my guilt. Sitting in a boat slowly making it's way along Venice's Grand Canal is so marvellous, so miraculous I need to experience it time and time again. I hope I never bore of it.

So I find I can't overly sermonise on these matters - although I will tell you and everyone else I meet that you should avoid buying things that are unnecessarily overpackaged. I might mention it's a good idea to sort your waste and re-use or recycle as much as is possible - cut down the amount that goes into landfill as well as the obvious energy/resource savings of the recycling of glass, metals, plastics etc. I might even mention the need to improve the lives of those born in less rich countries than mine.

But I realise to make this blog a soapbox without mentioning my own failings would be very hypocritical. So I won't, at least not exclusively. And when I do I promise to be completely p[en and honest. But for the most part I will just type whatever comes into my head - comments on music, books, films, TV shows, events and more. Basically whatever I feel like. And if anyone ever reads it well they are likely to find this a completely disorganise mess. It might be madness but it is my own personal madness. And I like it.


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