Underneath it all

I am an intelligent and educated man. I studied astrophysics at University so I feel this boast is backed up by some evidence. I can speak Italian (reasonably well) and some French. I like theatre (although not musicals), I visit castles, cathedrals and country houses for fun - even venture into the middle of nowhere to see stone circles and other prehistoric sites. I have a fondness for cairns, dolmens and other stone age structures. I read science books, history books, archaeology, mythology, politics, art etc etc etc.

I consider myself a cultured fellow.

So why is it then that I have just watched, and thoroughly enjooyed, bull-riding on the TV. What gets me especially is that, on top of everything mentioned above, I'm English. I've never been to Texas (I know, I am implying this is a purely Texan sport - let me off on this one, I'm on a rant).

So bull-riding, hmmh! I might pretend to being all high-brow and superior (remember ranting, I'm honestly not too bad - I hope not anyway) I guess I am just like many people - low-brow works. Give me a man being trampled by a bull, sports accidents, outtake shows etc and I'm a sucker for them.

In my defence though I don't think I could ever be a regular viewer of any of these shows. I'd get restless, and want to do something else. I get this way in front of TV even if it is one of my favourite shows anyway. I'm not one for vegging all night in front of the box. I like reading too much.

Talking off which I'm going to head off and finish that Kevin Anderson book. It's getting near it's conclusion - after seven thick volumes. I need to know how it's all going to end...


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