Que Te Quiero

Talk about missing the boat (musically here).

I have always been a passionate fan of music - and not afraid to pick my tastes purely on the grounds that I like things. In fact I will always consider any person's musical taste to be equally valid compared to mine. That is, if they have a defined musical taste and don't just sheepishly follow a trend. I accept some people like the current club-scene dance music stuff. I don't but if they have a passion then that's all to the good. It's not having musical taste that I don't get.

Mine results in a core set of likes (NWOBHM, Prog-Metal, Prog-Rock, Folk, some rock - Springsteen end, etc) but it does mean I have odd bits thrown in to the mix.

Most of this comes from my formative years being at the very end of the 1970s and the first half of the 1980s. As a result I quite like some bits of 1980s pop. I like Ultravox, The Jam, The Style Council, U2, Simple Minds, Suzanne Vega etc. Nothing to gain me odd looks at all. But there are also odd ones that just stuck in my mind and I just like, no apologies given.

Amongst these less "honourable" choices would be T'Pau's China in Your Hand and Nik Kershaw's Wouldn't It Be Good. Now I see no reason why I shouldn't like these songs. They are good and they make me smile. I'm not looking for approval, I'm not treating this page as a confessional. There's no bearing of guilty secrets in the hope my shame will "cure" me of such dodgy musical taste. I like these songs and I intend to continue liking them.

So recently when I was spending my way through the Amazon voucher my, now ex-, colleagues bought me as a leaving present from my last job, I had a few pounds at the end of it and added in a Katrina and the Waves greatest hits. It was only about 3 quid so I figured what the hell. I didn't have a copy of Walking on Sunshine and I felt I might need a new brand of cheer-up.

The CD arrived and I played the desired track. It had the effect I wanted. My foot started to tap. I smiled. So I thought I'd try some more of the collection out. I knew Do You Want Crying - a good 1980s style pop-rock bombast. Good, more than one track I like on the CD. Going Down to Liverpool made it three. So CD worthwhile.

Then I played a song I didn't know called Que Te Quiero - and it has just stuck with me. I think it's great. Good funm great catchy sing-a-long chorus, upbeat - makes me happy. Okay it's your typical love song, but it's a feelgood thing. I need these in my life.

I can't listen to King Crimson and Tom Waits all night after all - I would go mad. But it's the fact that the song was recorded 23 years ago and I completely missed it. I really should've bought the Katrina and the Waves album back then - I would have been able to have many, many repeated listens, each producing a smile, over the years.

Then again I would not have had my recent wonderful revelationary moment. Perhaps it's just as well I didn't buy it in 1985.


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