Thank you Desmond Carrington (I Never Thought I'd Say That)

My musical tastes are a little diverse. However I never thought I would ever find something on Desmond Carrington's show on BBC Radio 2. He plays oldies usually - fifties crooners and show tunes. I don't even listen to his show normally.

Today though I did by mistake. I left work late (go live - different story) and switch on the radio. I listen to BBC Radio 4 a great deal. When I left work today I was listening to Front Row - the station's nightly culture show. Well I was briefly, as I switch on it finished and it was about to go into the nightly serial. That didn't sound interesting so I switched to Radio 2 wondering if tonight was the night they have a Blues show - that's usually quite good.

It wasn't - I missed that by a day. It's on Mondays. However when I clicked over I heard some very pleasing Irish folk music with female vocals. I'm a long time Clannad and Maddy Prior fan so it instanly appealed. What he was playing was a song by American folkies Cherish the Ladies. Well I got home, logged on and found a few samples of their music - just to check whether this one track was the aberation and most of their music wouldn't interest me.

That wasn't the case. Every single song sounded good and after listening to samples of maybe four or five I have placed my order. Chose three including a Christmas CD - we like having a new Christmas CD each year so it seemed appropriate.

They should be turning up in about a week or so - looking forward to that.

Of course this doesn't mean I am going to stop listening to Metallica or Dream Theater - or the Rush that is playing as I type. But it will give me a pleasant change from time to time. And it will be one the whole family might enjoy.


Peter Ross said…
Excellent Radio 2 show, "The music goes round" Peter Ross

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