Friday Blues

I feel like crap! Sorry to be blunt and sorry to foist this upon you. Mind you, saying that, I am under no illusions that people actually read these blog entries. I write them for little more than cathartic purposes - a way to get things off my chest.

Okay maybe I am being a bit of aman complaining about a little cold, but to be honest it's not the cold that's getting to me. I'm just tired. I'm working too much. I need to do it and I want to do it. I enjoy the job I have now and I believe in it. But I am hoping that the long hours are only short term.

It feels too long since I've had a serious break, a chance to recharge.

I know things just went this way. My wife lost her job and so the summer holiday had to be cancelled. Plain and simple - happens to a lot of people.

So I worked long hours in the last weeks at my previous job - including weekends to make some extra money. And then I cashed in my holiday days remaining to help the family finances. End result by year's end I will have worked more weekend days than I've taken weekday holidays. Scary and a tad depressing.

At least there is some rugby on the TV as I type. Not the best game but one of the teams is Leicester - the team I support.

I guess I will feel better tomorrow. Sleep does wonders.


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