Bloody Flu

I'm addicted to this computer based life. So when I've not really spent any time on my home PC for more than a week (and wasn't away enjoying myself in Italy or Belgium) something just has to be wrong.

I've had flu. Plain and simple. For four days over last weekend I really couldn't do anything. Pretty much at all. I'm not after sympathy. I'm not playing the martyr card. I was just ill.

I don't like being ill. I know no one does and I'm not claiming anything special. It was only flu for heaven's sake. But it did expose me to the horrors of daytime TV. Golly that stuff's terrible. Sorry if you like it but I am afraid I just DON'T!

And in the middle of the Winter Olympics too! Now I don't like the the Winter Olympics particularly. Okay falling off a hill (or ski-jumping) is half-decent. And I don't mind a little bit of cross country skiing or speed skating. But only a little.

Still at least there were the documentary channels. I spent a couple of days watching documentaries about Hitler's Generals, the Universe, Ancient Greeks, Rome, bridge building, geology, trains, planes, automobiles, space travel, and all kinds of other bizarre stuff.

Thank heavens TV's moved on from the days of three or four channels.

I mean I couldn't even concentrate on reading. Unreal for me...


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