A love of books - a new arrival

The greatest thing imaginable to a book lovers is the arrival of new books. There's something quite magical about getting new books - and when they are as wonderful as objects as PS Publishing release it really brings a smile to your face.

Well it does to mine anyway.

PS Publishing had a sale on throughout January. A buy two get one free sort of sale. So I took advantage a little and today reaped the reward. For when I returned home from work a package containing six PS Publishing titles was there ready to be opened.

So now I have six new books to read
 - Richard Bowes' Streetcar Dreams
 - Garry Kilworth's Moby Jack
 - Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine*
 - Quentin S. Crisp's Shrike
 - Nicholas Royle's The Enigma of Departure
 - Zoran Zivkovic's Impossible Stories II

So I have five new books to read - I've already read the Ray Bradbury book; I just wanted a really top quality copy of such a wonderful book.

Only problem is where to start. My reading pile already had a few dozen on it before these latest arrivals. Oh, it's a hard life (and yes, you're right. I'm not being serious).


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