Max Payne - What The???

OK, I knew going into this that a lot of people thought this was bad. I've read some reviews that slammed it to hell.

but I found it cheap so I thought I'd pick it up and give it a go. Well...? I have to say it's not brilliant. In fact there are times when I thought it was downright rubbish. But it's not completely awful. Yes the drug-induced visions of vengeful angels was a bit naff, and yes the concept of a brooding cop who's lost his wife years earlier is so familiar as to be annoying. And there are some decent action bits and some nicely graphic violence.

But the best I can really say for it is it managed to avoid having me hit the fast forward button (or worse - the eject button). It did have help though - I was busy doing something on the computer whilst it was playing so it didn't have to occupy my complete attention.


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