I like this film. I liked this film when I first saw it - so seeing it in the bargain bin for a couple of quid was a temptation I was incapable of resisting.

But like a number of similar experiences in my past it also worried me. You see far too many times I've revisited something I liked in my past only to find my memory was better than the actuality. Time smoothes away the rough edges and makes you forget the imperfections.

So putting this into the DVD player did make feel a little trepidatious. Fortunately though I needn't have worried. This is a little childish in places - in fact some of the humour is downright puerile but it is funny, and I've liked the characters of Jay and Silent Bob since I first saw them.

It's a simple love story at its core, seeing Brodie attempting to win back his girlfriend and prevent her from falling prey to the manager of a clothes shop in the shopping mall - the place everyone hangs out. But it's the oddly anarchic moments that make it. And thankfully these oddball moments still had the power to make me smile.

It brought another thing to mind though when watching it - there're one or two people in this film I hadn't realised - actors I've watched in a number of other things since such as Claire Forlani. It's a definite case of "I recognise that face".


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