Points for effort

I was at Birmingham (UK) Airport last night to meet my wife on her return from India (a business trip). Arrivals Halls are places I like. It's like the comment in the Richard Curtis film Love Actually when Hugh Grant talks about them being happy places. They are.

As always I was surrounded by other people awaiting friends and loved ones - together with all the expected hugs and kisses.

Standing next to me was this guy - average looking, normal guy. Except for the bunch of flowers. Now most guys have an aversion to flowers - believing that there's something "cissy" about such obvous displays of emotion. This guy seemed on of them. Holding this bunch of flowers he looked very uneasy. But, all credit to him, he did it. He stood there and waited.

And a couple of minutes before my wife walked out, his girlfriend/wife emerged. It was smiles all round, hugs and kisses and delivery of said flowers to much initial success.

The only thing was as he moved towards her and raised the flowers up high I saw a sticker attached to the back of the celophane wrapper with the immortal, romantic words "Special Offer".

Points for effort but he really should have checked the wrapper for giveaway signs of cheapskateness.


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