Bad horror films

When I was a teenager I used to watch a lot of really bad horror films. I'd get together with a couple of friends and we'd head to the video rental store and hire a couple of films - based purely on how bad they looked. We often used as a guide the fact that the computer system in the store could identify the least rented films in the place. If no one watched them we figured they had to be bad.

These nights would include a fair smattering of Troma films, a number of straight to video movies (the best/worst of which was definitely Mutant Kid) and a decent helping of video nasties. Fantastic fun.

Well of late we've started to do it again. If you've read any of the recent posts on this blog you may have noticed this.

Anyway down to business. I have a new contender for plain bad horror. I picked up a film called Sickle. I suspected it might be bad when it was up for sale for a pound - a single pound.

Well every single fear/hope I had for this film was met. It is just bad.

The story (yeah there is one) involves an urban myth about a slaughterhouse where a couple of murders occured and a group of college students who decide to go take a look.

It's badly acted, has a terrible story and the director decided it would be a good idea to insert some gratuitous sex scenes (including one exhibitionist lesbian display). It's plain awful.

But it brought back some great memories of the mickey-taking sessions of old.


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