Four more horror films

I'm having a bit of a horror film session. Over the last three days I've watched another three.
The first of these was Creep - a rather pleasing little tale of a German woman trapped in a London Underground station after the trains have stopped running who finds that she is sharing the tunnels with a killer mutant.

There are a couple of side characters, a homeless Scottish druggie and his girlfriend, a guy from work who believes our lead woman "wants him", a security guard and a sewer worker captured by the mutant. But the focus stays with the German woman and her attempts to escape the killer. It's not all that high on the gore, its story is a little predicable, but over all it's not a bad movie.

Second up was an American film called Vacancy, which sees a couple check into a motel after their car breaks down. They discover a couple of video tapes in their room. When they play them they find what seems to be a low budget amateur horror . However when they notice the action is taking place in the room they are now in, they realise they are in serious trouble.

It's a bit ho-hum at times, although the basic premise has introduced a bit of a new twist - the leasing of the video tapes. But essentially it is a tale of two people trapped in a motel in the middle of nowhere USA. Reasonably entertaining but...

Third film is a little spookier - Captivity.Elisha Cuthbert stars as a fashion model who is kidnapped and held captive in a cell where she is tortured - mostly psychological stuff. After all you wouldn't want to wreck a pretty face. But the best thing in the movie is its detached nature. The captor is somewhat distant, many of the devices operated remotely, and set up whilst Cuthbert's character has been drugged.

It has some pretty decent unsettling moments. I'd even go as far as saying I quite like this.

Final one of the selection was Pathology - starring Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes. This is more of a thriller than a straight horror. Ventimiglia plays Ted Grey, a pathologist who starts his residency at a New York hospital, only to discover his fellow residents play a little game where they kill people in imaginative ways to test the other pathologists ability to determine the cause of death. Best film of the bunch really, and quite interesting from a sf/horror fan perspective as it co-stars, in addition to Heroes' Peter Petrelli, John De Lancie (Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Alyssa Milano (Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed).

One thing I must stress though - in case you are thinking I am a little odd for watching all these horror movies. I am normal, honest. I just like horror and science fiction.


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