A new sale

I received an email this morning concerning a reviews article I'd written a little while ago. It's been accepted by The Internet Review of Science Fiction. The grin hasn't stopped yet.

Theirs is a great site. It doesn't feature fiction, just articles, interviews and reviews and one of mine is to . If you want to go check them out (and I would advise you do) they can be found at http://www.irosf.com/.

My piece "Long Live the Novella" reviews four titles from UK speciality press PS Publishing

Uncle River - Camp Desolation and the Eschatology of Salt
Stephen Baxter - Starfall
Alex Irvine - Mystery Hill
Joel Lane - The Witnesses are Gone

Three really good books and one decent , you'll have to read the review when it's posted to find out more about them. Or you could pop to PS Publishing and buy them yourself and make your own mind up.


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