A non-horror film - surely not

I just wanted to prove I am not a one-dimensional monster when it comes to movies. Okay I like horror films and of late haved watched a great many, but this liking is not exclusive. And don't go thinking that I mean I watch science fiction movies to prove my rounded personality.

I like a good many movies of most genres - okay I'll admit there are few rom-coms on my favourites list, the American Pie style movies get very short shrift on my watching schedule. Add tot his I can say I've not been impressed with Sacha Baron Cohen - the little I have seen of his output has not enticed me to watch a whole movie. I'm not saying I think his films are bad. Far from it, I think he is a very talented man - he's spotted a style and gone for it, producing semi-real over-the-top edgy comedy that's verging on embarassing. You kow, the cringeworthy stuff.

Anyway back to my choice, or rather the family choice. I sat down with the whole family and we picked a Chinese movie called The Banquet - a kind of retelling of Hamlet in a new setting. Well it was visually beautiful as all Chinese epic movies tend to be. But the tale seemed a little odd. It definitely seemed that the western story, albeit a classic one, jarred a little against the Chinese Imperial Court backdrop. It was a really good film and maybe I was being unfair, going into watching it with such wonderful movies as The House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Curse of the Golden Flower.

It's good but I wanted more. As I said, that could just be me.


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