Nicholas Cage films are usually a hit and miss affair - and in recent years I've found them far more miss than hit.

His latest film threatened his average for quite a while by being actually quite good. It's creepy (in a non-horror way). Cage plays a college professor. His son's school opens a time capsule from the 1950s which had been filled with the pupils' ideas of what the year 2009 might be like. Most of the images are the typical 1950s futuristic ideas - flying cars and the like.

Cage's son however is handed something different. His envelope contained a sheet of numbers. Cage notices that the number seem to specify dates and numbers. He traces these to the dates disastrous events in recent history and the number of people killed in them. And the last three dates on the list are still to happen.

It's an interesting concept, one that put me in mind of Robert Charles Wilson's novels. It's an idea that grabs you right from the off.

Okay the ending might not be to everyone's taste (my wife's parents certainly found it contrived) but all in all this is a decent movie. A fairly entertaining way of spending a couple of hours


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