Let the Right One In

I'd heard a lot of good things about this film. So much so that I was a little wary about actually watching it. I've been disappointed too many times - and yes I will admit I'm jaded. That the lead vampire was a child scared me somewhat, kids that are a little bit weird (or a lot weird) can be disconcerting. But they can most often be very, very annoying.

My wife had read and thoroughly loved the book this film is based on, so I was not alone in a little feeling of trepidation. She was more worried that there were elements of the story that they could simply not film, yet would harm the film if they were omitted.

We were both greatly relieved. This was the best vampire movie I've seen in years. It's different setting - a small Swedish community in the 1980s - worked brilliantly. The serious cold of a Swedish winter was dramatic. The film being shot with a reduced pallette effect added wonderfully to a sense of foreboding. As does its pacing. American films are rarely shot this slowly. Nothing is rushed here (with the obvious exception of the attacks). Everything is done at a deliberate steady rate, one that suits the story perfectly.

And on top of this there is the girl playing the vampire. She was superb, playing the part in a very understated way with a presence far greater than you expect from such a young actress.

All round brilliant film!


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