Another sale - huzzah

I just got word that issue 9 of Shroud Magazine will feature an article of mine called "I Laughed 'Til the Zombies Ate My Brains". It's a summary of comedy zombies movies other than Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, with reviews etc.

Issue 9 should be out sometime soon. You want to check Shroud out go to their website. I'm pleased to say most of their issues have featured something of mine. I missed issue 6 but I think I'm in all the others. I'll have to go get writing an article for submission to issue 10. Wish me luck

Anyway their site is at

Go pay a visit, maybe buy an issue or two - or check out their books. I've read a couple of their release - been of a good standard.


Andrea Allison said…
Congrats! I read your article in Issue 7. Usually I'm not much for sequels. A lot of times they're not as good as the first or even better. But I have to say I like most of the Saw movies.
I.E. Lester said…
Thanks for that Andrea. And you've become the first person I've known to have read one of my pieces outside of editors and my wife.

I'm hoping you like the Comedy Zombies piece...

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