I'm going to show my age here - and possibly my terribly taste in music. Heck, I don't care about either. I am what I am, and I like what I like. And to be honest if you disagree with my choices then it's simple. You're wrong - at least from point of view. Well, hey - this is my blog I can be self-centred about it.

Anyway enough rambling I'm here to blog about this evening's procrastination - and I'm already finding something else to type...hmmh

I was reminded of an old band I saw in the 80s this evening - the Icicle Works. I was rather a fan of theirs. So I hit YouTube and went to check out a few vids. I could have just put a CD on - I'm sad enough to have bought them. But I didn't. End result after watching a couple whilst sorting a thing or two out I remembered another 80s band I liked and probably no one who might read this will have even heard of them.

The band's called The Faith Brothers. Now I can't lean over and put one of their CDs on. I don;t have any. Not possible. They've not made it to CD. I've seen their albums (2 studio, 1 rarities/live) are avilable on download but I've not got into this downloads thing. If I buy something music-wise I want to be able to hold it as well as listen to it.

I'm like that with books too. I've read eBooks. I have nothing against them in principle, it's just I can't feel them, see them, smell them. Hell I can't have anything against this format. I've sold many articles, stories and reviews to electronic publications and I actually rather like them.

It's just I like physical things. Things I can hold. All of which leaves me with no Faith Brothers music in my collection. Ah well!


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