I've been missing lot of stuff (talking about TV)

I like the way the US makes TV shows. I like the way that they have 20+ episodes a year to develop an idea - providing of course the show makes it that long. Well ok, maybe except for stuff like Dexter with only 13 - still more than most UK shows get for a season.

So recently I finally cottoned on to House - only partway through season six. Then I finally decided to check out Smallville and found it nowhere near as bad as I had feared. I felt it could be a Beverly Hills 90210 with super-powers and, well ok it is a bit, but it does have merit.

Third show I tried (belated) was Lost. The story of Lost, when it was first advertised five years ago, just never appealed. A group of people get stranded on a desert paradise only to find weird stuff. Didn't grab me. But over recent months a number of people I work with convinced me it was worth watching. And fortunately they were right.

And now I've got a fourth. I was in Blockbusters the other day and noticed a TV series box set on sale for five pounds. The series in question was Psych. Well five pounds sounded weird enough to be worth a try. And now I've watched the pilot and second episode and I like it. It's good. And there are another four seasons after this... Nice!


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