Murky Depths #12

I received my contributor copies of Murky Depths #12 this week. This issue features two of my reviews - for Mike Resnick's Shaka II novella (by PS Publishing) and Gord Rollo's Strange Magic (by Leisure Books).

As with the previous issue this mag has impressed me massively with its high level of production quality. It's such a nice item to hold in your hands. That the content matches the quality of the print is a joy. Jon Courtney Grimwood leads of the issue with a steampunky tale of an alternate twentieth century. Rest of the mag keeps up the standard.

There's a number of fun comic stories in this mag too - include part 4 of Richard Calder's Dead Girls - to add a good variety.

I'm really impressed with this mag - and I'm not just saying that because I'm featured in it.


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