Been writing

My office is almost sauna like. I can't believe it after last week when I was freezing in here (despite it being May) and wearing a jumper to keep warm. Heck at the end of April I actually had to grab a small blanket to put over my knees to stop my legs getting a chill.

Enough griping about the usual fickle nature of English weather. The main point is I've been in this room. And I've not just been procrastinating. I've been writing.

This evening I finished a 2200 word films article for Shroud Magazine. I figured I might have a chance as their last two issues have featured articles of mine on the Saw movies and comedy zombies. Fingers crossed I can make it three in a row.

I was thinking of maybe starting a book review but it's just hit midnight so I might just let it wait until tomorrow. Unfortunately have a fair bit to do for the day job tomorrow (yeah, even though it's Sunday) so I might not get all that much done. I will get a review done but I'm not sure I'll do much on the story I started yesterday. I got all inspired when I saw the review of my short story in Outer Reaches that an idea for another that might fit that publication popped into my head. I just have to shape it into something worth submitting now (or rather tomorrow).


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