Election Night UK

I've been fascinated with politics as long as I can remember. I mean it - back when I was a kid and unable to vote I found it interesting. Sad I know, but I can remember the 1974 election (the second one) and I was only six.

I guess you might not think this if you've checked through my blog over recent weeks and seen pretty much nothing about politics whatsoever on it. I've ummed and ahhed about blogging about the campaigning before now - about the news stories, the debates, the LibDem upsurge, the gaffs and so on - but everytime I've started typing I got so far and just stopped.

It somehow seemed pointless. There was so much election stuff already out there what could I add? So why start now? Don't know. It just seemed more right. And before you worry I have absolutely no intention of telling against whose name I placed my vote. These things are supposed to be secret ballots after all.

It's the broadcast itself I feel needs comment. I've watched many of these programmes and they really do try to make it exciting. As I type now they are representing the same exit poll (as they have no actual results yet) in a fifth way - a list of constituencies that they are about to turn blue (to denote a Conservative win).

And now the race is on for the first actual declaration. There's the usual race to be the first constituency to complete the count and announce the result. Bizarre!

Still I guess a long night is awaiting me. I'm going to be tired tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Every moment of resistance to temptation is a victory. ....................................................

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