A review!!!! And it's good

I have to admit one thing. Since I took up writing for payment a little while ago I've wondered at what stage I might get to before I see a review. I thought that maybe I would have to wait until I (if ever) wrote, and had published, a novel. Or maybe if I was lucky if I managed to place a story in a pretty major anthology - something from DAW or the like.

What I didn't expect was for a story of mine featuring in Outer Reaches to get a review. Nothing against the mag. I think it's a well put together publication and I'm more than happy to see my name in it, I just didn't expect to see it reviewed. Well it has been.

Which then leads me to my second issue with the concept of reviewing. I've been writing reviews for more than a decade now. And whereas I can say that the majority of my reviews have been positive - or at least mostly positive - I have read some books I thought were awful. And I've said so in a review. I'm not vindictive. I don't hold grudges. But equally I don't tell lies. If I think a book stinks I'll say so.

So I get reviewed myself. Guess that means I need to steel myself and be prepared to accept whatever is thrown my way. And so I've found the first one - by accident. I was skimming through SFRevu and saw that Outer Reaches issue one had a review link. I clicked it. I was dreading scrolling down to my bit. But I got there and the mention was very positive.

Anyway - I feel obliged (and just a little bit smug) to include a link the review



Andrea Allison said…
Short and sweet. Congrats!
I.E. Lester said…
Thank you Andrea!

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