Been writing

Sunday comes and I decide to dedicate a reasonable amount of it to doing some actual writing. It couldn't be all of the day as there was a Grand Prix on and I've regained my interest for Formula 1 in the last year - so three hours of the day was written off. More if you count the fact I have to be sociable with the family for some of the day. Oh, and the fact that part one the adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Gong Postal was on Sky One this evening. So another two hours was booked up.

But I did do some. A review of Tim Waggoner's Dead Streets and finishing a sf short story called The Screen. The story's submitted already - to New Myths, a market I've had considerable success submitting articles and reviews to but not yet sent in a story. Given my lack of success with fiction I'm rather suspecting this might lower my hit rate with this zine but it's worth a try.

Haven't managed to find a home for the review yet. Spent an hour or so researching various possible markets but not sent it anywhere yet. I did find places to submit two other short stories I'd decided were dead submissions as well so it was time well spent. Guess I'll have to work a little harder on finding a new market for the review.


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