Credit Where It's Due

One of my pet hates is unnecessary packaging.

I have ranted and raved over the years about all kinds of excessive wrappings for things - shrink-wrapped cucumbers, two-for-one-offers on jars requiring them to be packaged together rather than believing shoppers could count to two, etc etc etc

Well I feel I have to say well done to one company for a good decision, and it's a soap manufacturer of all things...

Ceuta Healthcare Ltd make Shield Soap. I buy it. Their 4-packs have a nice shiny outside wrapper which contained 4 bars of soap individually wrapped in smaller shiny packets. Neither the outside or inside packaging was recyclable.

But they have changed things. The outside is still the outside - but then I guess they want to advertise their wares. But inside the shiny printed packets are replaced with white unprinted paper packets which are recyclable. Not much but it's a start.


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