Two films in one day - sheer luxury (The Yin-Yang Master)

Having watched Apocalypto yesterday lunchtime I was persuaded by the family (it didn't take much) into watching another in the evening. We chose a Japanese fantasy film called The Yin-Yang Master.

My word, am I glad we did. It's a delightful little whimsy -enganging story, good (slightly over-the-top) characters, magic, demons, a touch of wire-fu. But above all else it is a beautiful film -the settings and the costumes are exquisite.

I've developed a definite fondness for Chinese and Korean movies over the last few years. And I have watched and enjoyed a number of Japanese horror films also, but this has moved Japanese movies up there with the Chinese and Korean for me.

Next of the Asian films on my list must be 2046. I bought this a few months back but haven't gotten around to it. Heard nothing but good things so it may well go up the pile.


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