Doctor Who XMas Special 2007

Okay I am not going to be the one person to mention this in a blog for today but not much else has happened today so...

...and yes I understand this might get me a bit of a "Bah Humbug!" reaction but XMas a bit of a non-event when you don't have kids. (Note: XMas is not Christmas, I distinguish the commercial side from the religious).

Anyway back to the less contentious issue of a science fiction TV show. This third XMas special (of the new launch show) saw the Doctor on the Titanic, or a Titanic replica in pretty much the same kind of danger as its original namesake.

It was dark, darker than the previous annual specials and up there gloom-wise with some of the darkest of the regular series. Kylie Minogue was good as the one-off assistant to the Doctor, reminding people that she can actually act a little - she's not in the same league as Meryl Streep but she can play a part.

The idea was fresh, the Doctor was his usual madcap self, played with just the right amount of glimpses of his darker centre. The storyline tense and gripping. I was shocked when I saw how much time had gone by.

What - di you think I might mention the plot. I wouldn't. I don't like too many spoilers for the shows I watch - and often feel when the TV stations show a "Next-Time-On" they give away too much. I like hints, no more.

I am a fan of this new Doctor Who stuff - I admit it. Russell T Davies has brought back that in me. I liked this show when I was a kid, watching Tom Baker get out of the most unfeasible of situations, but I lost it as I grew older.

I did always wonder about this, whether it was me or the show. After all I never outgrew Star Trek or science fiction in general but Doctor Who, yes. Davies has brought it back, and the thankfully short clips of the forthcoming series mean I simply cannot wait. It's going to be good I feel.


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