A Year Ago

Just before Christmas 2006 we went to Venice for a few days. It was a really weird experience to wander around one of the most visited places on Earth virtually alone. The only non-locals we met over there were fans of UK rugby club London Wasps - Wasps were playing a game against Treviso which is only a few miles away from Venice so they had decided to stay over a day or two and see Venice itself. I guess they weren't counting on it being colder than England, windy and even sleeting. Nice.

Anyway we took a few seasonal Venice photos and I thought, one year on I would revisit them and post a couple here.

This is Babbo Natale (the Italian for Father Christmas) in Campo San Giacometto, near the Rialto Bridge.

Buone Feste (Italian for Happy Holidays) - Christmas light on a Venetian Rio Terra.

BTW - for those who want to know a rio terra is a filled in canal. During the time of Mussolini there was a plan to fill in the canals of Venice so that cars could drive its "streets". A few were done but the plan was quashed before it ruined the city.


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