One of my favourite forms of entertainment is serial TV - science fiction, fantasy or horror - or even just science related. I don't like all of them. I never liked the concept of Lost for instance, so I never bothered with it. Battlestar Galactica just seemed a case of "Run Away! Run Away!". There's little you can do with that for me that could make it heroic.

But there a lot I do like. I like Star Trek, but not Voyager so much. I like the new Doctor Who, Torchwood, Stargate, Bones, CSI, Babylon 5, X-Files and more.

One of the shows I have liked since day one is Millennium, the second of the Chris Carter created shows, launched on the coat tails of his X-Files success. It never seemed to take off and ran for only three seasons, but it contained one of the best lead characters I have ever seen in Frank Black. Moody, troubled and insightful (in a most eerily supernatural manner), he was portrayed quite brilliant in my eyes by Lance Henriksen.

I found this a good deal better than the X-Files. In this series the secrecy worked. In the X-Files I felt the cover-up side, the conspiracies with conspiracies never worked. I much prefered it when Mulder and Scully were just investigating odd occurences. Cancer man, the Black Oil, the hidden truth over Mulder's sister and everything else just got in the way.

The Millennium Group worked so much better. Their secrecy was far more sinister and guided by a wonderfully mystical prophecy.

Thank heaven for DVDs so I can revisit Frank and his world.


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