Trying to think nice thoughts

For the last two weeks we've been suffering from flu. I even took two days of work - which for me is virtually unheard of.

This bug is so bad that I didn't even read a single word of my then book for nine straight days. It really wasn't the book's fault (Brian Keene's Dead Sea BTW). The bug was just that bad. Well, I thought I was just about over it, but I was wrong. It's decided to have another go.

So I've decided to try to ignore it and think nice thoughts - so I spent a few minutes flicking through more holiday photos. In doing so I found this one and thought I just had to share. I have absolutely no idea of specifically where it is. I can remember my wife taking it. We saw a beautiful bit of countryside in Northern France, stopped on the side of the road and took some photos. This is one of them...


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