First Post - Welcome

After months of good intentions and little to show in terms of results, I have finally set up a Blog.

So as this is the introduction I am going to tell you a little about myself and what this blog is for - and I promise not to whitter on too long.

I am a forty year old book addict, and since February 2007 a published writer - my first sale being a science article on Exoplanets (already hopelessly out of date) sold to UK based sf webzine Darker Matter.

I managed to publish an article in each of the five issues Darker Matter ran as well as three book reviews in issue five. I'd like to think this every presence had nothing to do with the zine folding.

Since then I have written many more articles, reviews etc and so far my sales stand at

9 articles (on science, history and horror)
24 book reviews
1 poem
1 crossword


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