Reading Update and Procrastination

I've read a couple of zombie novels of late - one of those odd coincidences that seem to plague my life, and seemingly give weight to those people who believe these things hold some kind of significance. To be honest it's only the reactions I get to these coincidences that plague me - the coincidences themselves are usually trivial.

Anyway I am meandering - I'll get the that later. Back to books...

The first of the zombie books was Simon Clark's This Rage of Echoes. This actually manages an original take on zombies, something I never thought I would encounter. In Clark's book he has the infestation create copies of the infection carriers - copies which then seem hell bent on destroying the originals. Great stuff!!

The second one was Brian Keene's Dead Sea. The zombies here are run of the mill, lumbering, brainless, rotting hulks intent on nothing more than eating your brains. This is not a great disappointment though, for Keene's focus is not the zombies, but the small group of uninfected desperately trying to survive. Another good read.

Since then I read some science fiction - yahey! SF is my favourite of the three speculative genres. This one was Robert Charles Wilson's Axis - a sequel to his Hugo-winning novel Spin. given that spin was superb, this book had a great deal to live up to. And unfortunately it didn't quite make it. Still a good read, but I read Wilson's work for its originality. Being a sequel, originality is severely curtailed, and I want something fresh and out there from Wilson. I know I am being unfair but what can I say...

Anyway - procrastination. Unfortunately I have found a new way of wasting time. I'm just about getting over my addiction to online snooker - and now I am developing a liking for playing scrabble online. Darn! These things are taking over my life.

I really must find some time to actually write something.


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