2008 Concerts

Well 2008 is almost with us and we have our first couple of concerts booked for the next year. First off will be Clannad in March. I had absolutely no idea that they ever planned to work together again but a random search picked up a concert in Nottingham in March. so...

The second planned so far is one of my wife's favourite bands - Bon Jovi. They are playing in Coventry in June which is only about 40 minutes drive from us so why not. It's not an concert I would have chosen just for myself. I saw Bon Jovi in the 80s and they were excellent, but their music is not quite my normal taste.

I don't switch the radio or TV over if Bon Jovi come on, but I wouldn't often seek them out just for myself. That said I am rather looking forward to the concert.


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