From Within

Another day another horror film - sounds like my life. This is the second film in a week I've seen that starred (or at least featured) Thomas Dekker from The Sarah Connor Chronicles (the other being Laid to Rest.

This film actually had a main concept that isn't totally overfamiliar - that of some kind of demonic possession causing people to suicide. Which is just as well as other elements of the plot are very much been-there, done-that

Set in a small town with the requisite outsider (Dekker) being blamed for the spate of deaths by some and the equally pre-requisite girlfriend of the high school jock who feels sorry for him.

It's got some nicely gory death scenes, one or two might make you jump or wince, and a fair bit of suspense. The acting is decent enough, the direction up to scratch, the effects of a reasonble quality.

Okay for an hour and a half's entertainment.


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