Oh God! Now I've Got Brains Splattered All Over Me!

In case you are wondering exactly what this blog title has to do with anything, I am going to put your mind at rest.

I watched a movie whilst doing some work this evening, and that film was Punisher War Zone (yes my taste in movies doesn't improve).

The very last line of the movie is...yes - the title of this post. And no I don't think it's giving anything away. It is very much a throwaway as the fade out begins - and takes place in a kind of a coda to the whole thing anyway, very much apart from the actual plot of the movie.

So as for the movie. Well it's unlike most comic book adaptations in that The Punisher is not a superhero and he kills people by the dozen.

It's plot is fairly thin - essentially a one man war against organised crime in New York whilst simultaneously trying to evade the law himself as a mass murderer.

But it has some pretty good actors in - a surprising number of which were English - and enough action to satisfy just about anyone. If there is any part of the human body that doesn't end up being pulped by a bullet, baseball bat or other weapon during this hour and a half I certainly can't think of it. It is out and out brutal. To sum it up I kept wandering where Vinnie Jones was - it's that kind of movie. He should've been in it.

But for all it's one-dimensional violence-fest it's fun. Fun in a way only a total bloodbath shootout can be. Perfect pick me up for a jaded soul like mine.


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